Thank You

Thank You Thank You

As is the case with many animal Rescues, Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland does not receive any public funding. We rely entirely on the kindness of private donors to support our mission. We would like to say thank you to everyone that has so generously given to our Rescue & Shelter.
We feel we have truly been blessed to be allowed to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Adopt so many Horses, Donkeys, Mules, Dogs & Puppies since we opened our gates to our Rescue/Shelter.
Each day in addition to our full time jobs we deal with many neglect and abuse cases all across Iowa, Nebraska and beyond. So our plates are full 24/7. Although the work is hard, “The Rewards Are Endless”. We will continue saving those with “No Voice Of Their Own” as long as God allows us to and with your continued support.