After A Rough Start In Life "Chance" Finds His Forever Home

After A Rough Start In Life After A Rough Start In Life

Chance was removed from a neglectful situation in Kansas. Overcrowding and lack of food was all Chance knew before he was removed from his previous Owners. Thankfully Chance was surrendered by his Owners to help give him a better chance at a happy life. These pictures were taken after Chance learned to trust again, gained some much needed weight, received medical care including treatment for a heavy load of lice. He was also gelded. He is now spoiled & loved by his family. We want to thank PEC for fostering Chance and allowing Chance the time to heal while waiting for his Forever Family to come along.

The following is a letter we received from the incredible family who adopted Chance.

Genea - Hi. Jeff here. My family adopted "Chance" from you all when he was at PEC year. We have moved our three to Log Barn Stables in Plattsmouth NE, and they are all doing awesome. Chance is quite the horse now. Shiny, healthy, happy, goofy, and a little naughty at times : ).

I was looking at your website and thought I would send you a few pix that you could put under your "Happy Endings" section if you wanted to.

Chance is now a full member of the "Ogurek" herd at Log Barn Stables in Plattsmouth, NE. He has transformed from a scared, skinny, lice infested heartbreak, into a fantastic 2 year old little Mustang colt. Everyone loves him at the barn! He is the first to meet us each day at the gate, follows us around like a faithful little pup, and is one of the most well-behaved, good natured horses at the barn. He is now being ridden lightly along with being training for driving. He has been taken under the wings of our other two horses Roxy and Jasper, and is now a priceless member of our family - forever.

Jeffrey A. "Ogre" Ogurek
Chief, Planning Integration
Program Management Office