Our hooves and paws with happy endings:

Buddy Has Been Adopted!! Check Out His Before & After Pictures

Picture #1 Buddy Upon Arrival
Picture #2 Buddy After Healing Inside & Out

Buddy has found his forever home with a wonderful family in Nebraska. We want to thank his foster home who had Buddy since he was just a little weanling. They took Buddy from being a very sick and lost little guy to an incredible loving horse and gave him a chance at a happy life. It was very hard for his foster family to let Buddy go but knowing that he was going to a perfect forever home made it a little easier.

Looking ... read more

Abandoned Puppy Finds Happy Ending

Ed and his brother & sister had a very rough start in life. They were found December 2011 during a blizzard in a ditch at just a few weeks old. All of the puppies were very feral when they arrived and it took a lot of time before they would allow us to touch them. But after some trust issues were solved they all came around. As you can see Ed has turned into a very handsome boy. Ed is living the life with his new Mom & Dad and his best friend who just happens to be a cat. Great job Ed. You are a very lucky boy and we are very thankful you have found your forever home. ... read more

Abandoned Puppies Find Happy Homes

Eight three week old puppies and their Mommy were found dumped on a country road in Mills County, Iowa. The Mom was markedly underweight and several of the babies were in very bad shape, but with a lot of TLC they rapidly improved.

All of these darling puppies have been adopted to forever homes. Thank you to everyone who adopted one of these little angels. They had a rough start in life but they are all fighters and they had a wonderful Mommy to help them through their tough times. [perma link]

Horse Hit by Vehicle Adopted!

Update-Bob has been Adopted! “Bob’s Story” The Sheriff called us and asked us if we could take a horse that was hit by a vehicle in our area. No more information was known about this horse other than this. And nobody in the area has claimed him. So we have taken possession of the horse under the direction of the Sheriff's Department. We have since named this sweetheart "Bob". Bob was very banged up from being hit and he also had a severe eye infection. Bob has since healed inside and out and "Bob" won the hearts of many people along the way. ... read more

Mustang Molly Has Been Adopted

Molly was a May 2012 Foal. Her Mommy, Faith was bred when she arrived from a very neglectful Owner. Faith went into Foster Care when she was still in foal with a Vet to insure her health and the health of her foal. As you can see Faith had a beautiful foal and Molly is now the picture of health. Molly was adopted to a wonderful family in Iowa who had previously adopted another one of our Mustang foals. Today they are good buddies and learning about nothing but love with their new family.

We are so happy for you Molly. ... read more

Mustang Mare Victim of Neglect Finds Her Forever Home

ADOPTED! Faith a 12 year old Mustang Mare that was taken from a very neglectful situation has found her forever home with our good friends Ricka & Don in MO Valley, IA.

Faith was bred when she arrived and foaled April 18, 2012. Her foal Molly was weaned and found her Forever Home also. Faith is now green broke to ride, leads, loads and making amazing progress each day. Be happy Faith. You have a family who truly loves you and will give you everything you need for the rest of your life. We love ... read more

Grace Has Been Adopted!

Adopted! Grace was adopted as a (3) year old Mustang that had a very rough life before she came to us. She was very under weight, full of lice and had never been provided medical care of any type. But she has left that all behind her now and she is healed inside and out. Grace has found her forever home at PEC.
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Injured Dog Finds Her Forever Home

Molly has been adopted by her foster family who live in Iowa. They have done an incredible job with Molly. Having three legs has not slowed Molly down. She keeps up with her two Rottie sisters who love her very much! We want to thank her foster family for never giving up on Molly. They worked very hard helping Molly understand not all people are bad. She was a handful and had many fear issues when she arrived. But Molly has learned about love & trust and now she has a family to love her forever! Good job Molly. ... read more

Zoey Before & After - Adopted

Zoey along with 35 other horses were removed from a property where their Owner was not caring for them. There were also severe abuse issues with many of the horses on the property including Zoey. We were contacted by the Sheriff’s Department to remove all of the horses to help them find better homes. Now healed inside & out living the good life Zoey has been adopted by a family who adores her and she is also now broke to ride. Be happy beautiful Zoey. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful ... read more

Seven RottieMix Puppies Born March 5, 2013 Have All Been Adopted & Found Their Forever Homes - Before & After

We were called to help a litter of Rottie/Mix puppies when their Mommy passed away shortly after they were born. They were surrendered by their Owner to Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland as their Owner felt that their family could not take on this littler without a Mommy to nurse the puppies. Because of the kindness and dedication of our Volunteers & Foster Homes these puppies were given a chance at a happy life. Our Foster Homes bottle fed the puppies, cared for them day & night and now they have all found their forever homes. ... read more

Mattie Has Been Adopted By Her Foster Mom

A Volunteer of ours seen the story about Mattie, a very sweet laid back two year old Catahoula Leopard dog who came into a shelter in Winnsboro, Louisiana with four of her little new born puppies. All were very sick and covered with mange. Some very nice Volunteers at the Shelter in Louisiana gave Mattie and her babies their full attention to try and save them and to find them a home before their time was up and they were all put to sleep. All were given several baths to get rid of the mange that ... read more

I Ended Up At A Sale Barn At 6 Weeks Old

ADOPTED - Claire came to Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland as an Owner Surrender. She was bought at the Red Oak, IA sale barn by a very nice family to help save her. On the box little Claire was in at the Sale Barn the sign said, I was raised with Sheep. Clearly this is not how a puppy should end up. Claire took no time to come around after she arrived. She was adopted within days of her arrival by Suzan in Underwood, IA. Claire now resides with several other dog friends and is doing wonderful. ... read more

After A Rough Start In Life "Chance" Finds His Forever Home

Chance was removed from a neglectful situation in Kansas. Overcrowding and lack of food was all Chance knew before he was removed from his previous Owners. Thankfully Chance was surrendered by his Owners to help give him a better chance at a happy life. These pictures were taken after Chance learned to trust again, gained some much needed weight, received medical care including treatment for a heavy load of lice. He was also gelded. He is now spoiled & loved by his family. We want to thank PEC ... read more

Maggie Has Been Adopted!

The horse on the right is "Beautiful Maggie". She was adopted from Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland by the McEwen Family in Iowa. "Beautiful Maggie" will always be loved and cared for and we are so thankful for that!! Take care of your family "Beautiful Maggie". Give them gentle rides and make them smile each and everyday. [perma link]

Wilma Has Been Adopted

Wilma was found along with her sister, Black Betty & brother, Fast Freddie in a box next to a dumpster at a very young age. We believe due to the condition they were found in they were used for "Bait" for dog fighting. Wilma won the hearts of one of our family members and she now knows nothing but love, fun times and being spoiled. Thank you to Matt & Georgia for opening your heart and home to Wilma and giving her a chance at a happy life.
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Lacy Has Been "Adopted"

Lacy came in at just a few days old with her Mommy Abbey. Her Owner was forced to give them both up due to abuse & neglect issues. Lacey beat the odds and as you can see she turned out to be a beautiful Mare. She caught the eye of a special Lady who started working with Lacey and they bonded very quickly so she adopted Lacey. We are very happy Lacey found that special person to love her and give her a place to call home. **We would like to thank Don & Nancy who fostered Lacey and showed her what love was all about when she needed it the most. ... read more


UPDATE - Teqa has been adopted and now has a job as a working Horse on a Cattle Feed Lot. Be Happy Teqa and keep moving those Cattle where they need to be.

Please Share!! Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland has been asked to find a forever home for a very loved horse. His Owner wants a home that will love him, ride him and spend lots of time with him. Meet Teqa. He is a 7 year old QH gelding, current on all of his shots and farrier services. He has not been rode in a while but he was broke to ride previously. ... read more

Ted Has Been Adopted As A Pasture Mate

Ted has found his forever home with some very good friends of ours who needed a pasture mate for their beloved elderly horse. Ted is doing wonderful in his forever home. He loves his new buddy named “Baker”. Both have adjusted very well to each other. We are very thankful Ted was able to fill the void that was left when “Baker’s” previous buddy passed away. Good job Ted. We love you Ted and we are so happy for you & your new buddy “Baker”. [perma link]

Dakota has been "Adopted" to Roger & Peg in Nebraska. Dakota along with her Mommy Callie also adopted from Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland now have a "Perfect Forever Home Together” – Read Dakota’s story below.

Meet Dakota - She came to Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland as an (18) day old foal with her Mommy Callie. Her Owner contacted us to take several of his horses including Dakota & Callie as he could no longer care for them. Dakota was adopted out with her Mommy after she was weaned. But now her second Owner is not able to provide for her. So she will be coming back to our Rescue/Shelter and she will be looking for that perfect "Forever Home" that she longs for. She is a beautiful QH who will be 3 years old in March 2014. ... read more

Honey Has Been Adopted

UPDATE - Aries Has Been Adopted. He is loving his "Forever Home" and his new family. Second Chances are the best Aries! Be happy big guy.


HAPPY NEWS! Donkey Jack Daniels (JD) was adopted today! He went to his new home this afternoon. We are thrilled for him. We want to thank Karen and her whole family for opening their hearts & home to Jack Daniels (JD). This is your home now sweet boy. Be happy! [perma link]

"Adopted" Watch Me Grow!!

Isabella was "Adopted" from Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland when she was just a little puppy.

She found a wonderful home with our dear friend Val.

Look at how she has grown! Such a beautiful girl you have become. 20 months old and 111-115 lbs!

Love you Isabella!!!

Thank you to those who "Adopt" from us at Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland and continue to spread the "Good Word" about the work we do. [perma link]


GREAT NEWS!! Buddy & Shadow have been "Adopted Together".

These "Mini Donkey Boys" will be headed to a Vet in Nebraska who follows the work we do.

They will have a "Very Good Life" being pampered and spoiled.

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