Lacy Has Been "Adopted"

Lacy Has Been

Lacy came in at just a few days old with her Mommy Abbey. Her Owner was forced to give them both up due to abuse & neglect issues. Lacey beat the odds and as you can see she turned out to be a beautiful Mare. She caught the eye of a special Lady who started working with Lacey and they bonded very quickly so she adopted Lacey. We are very happy Lacey found that special person to love her and give her a place to call home. **We would like to thank Don & Nancy who fostered Lacey and showed her what love was all about when she needed it the most. Abbey, Lacey’s Mommy still resides at our Rescue/Shelter. She continues to heal on the inside as she has many trust issues due to abuse & neglect prior to arrival. But she is taking baby steps and making progress and that is all we can ask of her at this point. Our hope is one day she will turn the corner. Until then she is safe and loved at our Rescue/Shelter.