Our paws who crossed the rainbow bridge:

Update...Furst Has Crossed Over Rainbow's Bridge. He Was Very Loved By His Adoptive Family & All Who Met Him. Until We Meet Again Sweet Guy.

Update - Furst has been "Adopted" by his foster family. He is a very lucky boy to have such an amazing family to love him. Read his story below.

Meet Furst! Furst is a blind Rottie that came to us from St. Louis, MO. At the request of Kelly Trout with Mid America Rottweiler Rescue.

Furst has had surgery to remove one of his eyes due to the severe infection in his eyes that caused his blindness. The Vet who performed the surgery feels his other eye can stay at this time unless it becomes infected again and then we will deal with it at that time. ... read more

Miracle Ann

Miracle Ann fought leg cancer for a short time. She came to Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland as a severe abuse & neglect case. She learned to trust people again. She crossed over Rainbow's Bridge in the arms of Genea Stoops after leg cancer was found and it took over her body in a short time. Miracle Ann will be greatly missed but never forgotten. We love Miracle Ann, until we meet again, wait for us sweet angel. [perma link]

Sophia Lynn

Sophia Lynn came to us as an Owner Surrender when she was just a year old. Her Owners thought she was to big and to much work. Sophia was kept on a chain the first year of her life by her Owners and this should never happen to any dog. She also had a eye infection that was not taken care of that required extensive surgery to correct.

Sophia Lynn turned out to be one of the sweetest dogs you have ever wanted to meet after she was healed inside and out. She loved everyone! Sophia Lynn was adopted but her adoptive home did not work out and she was returned to us with a week. ... read more

Missy crossed over Rainbow's Bridge peacefully 03/28/09. Missy arrived at the rescue February 22, 2008. Missy was never able to be with the other dogs as she was just to old and sore from her prior abuse so she was kept inside the house. Missy was just over (11) years old when she crossed over Rainbow's Bridge.

We want to thank Sara from Glenwood, IA for being Missy's Guardian Angel Monthly Sponsor. Sara's monthly donation helped cover the cost of the medication Missy was on. Below are a few pictures of Missy and her story. ... read more

We were informed that beautiful Hoss who was adopted from Hooves & Paws Rescue has crossed over Rainbow's Bridge. He was an Owner surrender and was adopted to Harold & Beth in Iowa. He was very loved and spoiled by Harold, Beth and their family but his body gave out due to old age. Hoss will be greatly missed but never forgotten. He was a happy and sweet boy who brought smiles to everyone who met him. Rest In Peace Sweet Hoss. [perma link]

Friday October 1, 2010 at 9:30 am we lost an incredible Saint Bernard that many of you knew and loved He attended all of our events and warmed many hearts. He loved everyone! He always made us laugh and smile. He came into our life at Hooves & Paws Rescue when he needed a family to love him & care for him. His passing was very unexpected and he will be missed more than words can ever say. Rest In Peace our sweet angel Bubba. You were a true Gentle Giant. Please wait for us, until we meet again. You were a beautiful boy inside and out. ... read more

Madison Ann was saved from a life of Dog Fighting. She spent the last two years of her life as a forever resident at Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland. She was spoiled, pampered and very loved. One day her legs stopped working and she was unable to walk. She passed away peacefully in our arms knowing that someone loved her. That is all she had ever asked for in her life. Until we meet again RIP sweet girl. You were very special to us and we will miss you [perma link]

Jamie has crossed over Rainbow's Bridge. Jamie was one of the sweetest dogs ever. Jamie arrived along with a litter of puppies that was found on the Highway in Glenwood, IA during a heat wave. She was a wonderful Mommy and devoted to her puppies. Along the way all of her puppies were adopted to wonderful homes. Jamie made friends with everyone she met. All of the rescued dogs, kitties & horses loved her. But she preferred to spend her days with the horses watching them and running with them in the fields. ... read more

Erma has crossed over Rainbow's Bridge. She started to have severe seizures due to a head injury after being hit by a truck running as a stray. Erma was very special and we cared for her until she passed away shortly after her injury. RIP Erma. Although your time with us was short we loved you so much. Until we meet again. [perma link]

You Were Very Special And We Were Honored To Be Able To Care For You In Your Golden Years. Until We Meet Again, We Will Always Love You.

Sophia came in as an Owner Surrender. Her life was full of abuse, neglect and folks that just did not want her. She ended up being removed from a neglectful situation in Nebraska by another Shelter. Then she was adopted out of that Shelter and she went to another family that did not care for her and did not provide for her. When we were called to take her out of this situation she was very underweight and had a severe ear infection that had not been treated for many years. We had to have surgery on her ear within 24 hours of her arrival. ... read more

Our Little Fast Freddie Has Crossed Over Rainbow's Bridge

UPDATE - We are very sad to share that Fast Freddie Crossed Over Rainbow's Bridge. Fast Freddie will be greatly missed. Read his story below.

Meet Fast Freddie. Fast Freddie was one of three puppies at the age of (5) weeks old that was abandoned in a box outside a dumpster on March 3, 2008. We have had Fast Freddie to our Vet on several occasions and our Vet feels that he is not adoptable due to fear and behavior issues. Our Vet also feels he was very abused in some way in the first (5) weeks of his life which has caused him to have ongoing fear & behavior issues. ... read more

Frank Has Crossed Over Rainbow Bridge

We are very sad to share that Frank crossed over Rainbow Bridge. He passed peacefully in the arms of his adoptive Dad Greg who Frank loved so very much. Frank was very loved and will be missed by all who knew him. He was a really special guy. Until we all meet again Frank, watch over those who loved you. [perma link]