Our hooves who crossed the rainbow bridge:

We have lost an incredible horse this morning at Hooves & Paws Rescue. Fever fought right to the end but was just not strong enough to make it. His body was just to weak. Our Fever crossed over Rainbow's Bridge in our arms Christmas Morning at 8:00 a.m. We were all together watching the snow fall and when he took his last breath. We held him tight and told him how much he was loved and how proud we were of him for trying so hard. We told him it was okay to go as his body was tired.

He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. ... read more

Our Sweet Old Man Gordie has crossed over Rainbow's Bridge after spending almost three years with us at Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland. Thursday, December 16, 2010 Gordie laid down very peacefully next to the barn and never got up. He could not raise his head and was very weak.We knew it was time to let him go. He was one of the sweetest old horses, always ready to greet us and he would call out to us when he seen us. He knew how much he was loved as we always gave him a hug & kiss each time he came to see us. ... read more

This gentle gelding was one of the 35+ horses that was removed during the seizure in Carroll County, IA. He had the chance to learn about love and trust with Harold & Beth in Iowa who foster many horses of ours. Sadly shortly after he was removed from his previous Owner he became very ill and we were unable to save him. He crossed over Rainbow's Bridge but he will always be remembered and we are very happy he passed knowing he was loved. [perma link]

Sweet Ellie passed away and will be missed greatly by all her knew her. She was loved by many people. She touched so many hearts. Sweet Ellie passed away very peacefully while she slept in her area of the barn. RIP sweet Ellie girl. Until we meet again. [perma link]

We are very sad to share with everyone that Josiah has crossed over Rainbow's Bridge. His time with Harold & Beth was short. But while he was in his new home he learned about love, lots of good food and tons of kisses. He was a sweet horse who came to us as many do unloved and unwanted. But we are thankful he knew peace in his life before passing with his adoptive family. That is so important after having a tough start in life. Until we meet again Josiah, RIP angel. [perma link]

Jessie, our great old man Appaloosa crossed over Rainbow’s Bridge. Both Bill & I were with Jessie in his last moments. He passed very peacefully while we were holding him and talking to him. He was truly a very sweet and beautiful old man and we loved him with all of our hearts. He will be greatly missed. RIP sweet Jessie. Do what you love most. Find a big field to graze in where your days are filled with sunshine and tall grass. Big kisses and gentle hugs to you Jessie until we meet again.

We ... read more

Today was a very sad day at Hooves & Paws Rescue. When we went for our morning feedings down to our horses we found "Chuck" had passed away. Chuck will be greatly missed because of his gentle nature and the many lives he touched. Chuck was donated to Hooves & Paws Rescue in 2007 by a very nice family who knew we were looking for a gentle riding horse to give lessons on. He gave rides to many young children and adults who were just learning to ride. He was so incredible and gentle and he was the best broke horse we have ever owned. ... read more

Little May Belle Our Tiny Resident

Update - Little MayBelle crossed over Rainbow's Bridge peacefully in our arms. She was almost 38 years old. She will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her especially her good buddy Goober. Until we met again, watch over us and Goober.

Little MayBelle arrived at the rescue 09/20/08. It was just over an hour trip back to the rescue from where she was. She got right into the trailer when we loaded her. When we arrived at the rescue she got out and took a look around. The first horses she saw (on the other side of a fence of course) was Papa River, Mama Joy and Baby Walter. ... read more

An angel flew over the Hooves & Paws Rescue and called a very special little mini horse to Rainbow's Bridge. Little Willie's time with us was to short. But the time we had with him was truly amazing. He taught us about love and how precious each day is. His favorite thing to do was to lay in the sunshine and have his hay all around him so he could munch whenever he wanted to. We fought for him until the end. But one day his little legs finally gave out. He crossed over Rainbow's Bridge in the arms of Bill & Genea Stoops. ... read more

We are very sad to report that Baby has passed away. She will be missed by many who knew her. RIP beautiful Baby. You were very loved. Baby was a beautiful (2) year old Buckskin Mare. She was one of the 35 horses taken during the 2010 Seizure in Carroll, Iowa. [perma link]